Padel is a racket sport where you can find some features from squash and tennis. Padel is fun for all ages and is a lot easier at the beginning than for example tennis. You can have long rallies between two beginners. It can be called the most social racket sport in the world because it always includes 4 players(1vs1 is possible and is a fun practice mode). Padel was imported to Finland in 2003 and has grown since then year by year. It is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and there is at least 10 million players worldwide.

History of padel

This sport was invented in Acapulco by Enrique Corcuera in 1968-69. Padel became very popular very quickly. It was exported to Spain and from there to France, Germany and Italy. Padel has been very popular in the latin America for a long time now.

Padel rules

Padel rules can be found in Finnish at our website, click here. Our staff will happily assist You with rules in English. You can contact us via email or mobile, all contact infos found at Contact info -page.